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STICO Korea NEC-K03 Children's Women's Anti Slip Half Pack Slippers

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STICO Korea NEC-K03 Children's Women's Anti Slip Half Pack Slippers Stico Slippers Stico Footwear

¡ñSpecially designed to protect children, non-slip, waterproof, lightweight and wear-resistant
¡ñSTICO technology non-slip safety children's shoes
¡ñPatented Airon CX unique formula, with good antibacterial and deodorizing functions
¡ñOccupational Safety and Health Awarded by Korea Bureau (KOSHA-MS) anti-slip test level 1
STICO technology non-slip safety children's shoes NEC-K03, strictly recommended by Tiger Mom, non-slip, waterproof, lightweight and wear-resistant
¡ñNCR high-tech composite material, patented nano-ceramic and natural rubber fusion technology, stronger grip, even if the material pattern is ground into a smooth surface , the anti-slip performance remains unchanged, protecting children's safety.
¡ñThe bio-intelligent termite mound ventilation system cleverly utilizes the gas flow and air pressure balance in the shoes to eliminate internal heat and moisture at any time, keeping you fresh forever.
¡ñBionic fingerprint design, like a wave-like fingerprint wrinkle surface, can cope with the deformation caused when gripping the ground, help water drainage, exert full-angle friction, and help walking in slippery environments.
¡ñSRO buckle anti-skid ball is an innovative black technology that can be replaced by DIY, and anti-skid balls with different functional requirements can be replaced at any time according to different climate environments.
¡ñExclusively patented oil-resistant sole, when worn for 24 hours in a watery and heavy oil environment, the oil expansion rate will only change slightly by about 0.4%. Therefore, it will not lose its anti-slip function due to long-term wearing, ensuring your safety.
¡ñAiron CX is a lightweight and soft shoe body with an ultra-fine pore shock-absorbing structure. It is lighter in weight and softer and more elastic. It effectively slows down the impact between the body and the ground, stabilizes your feet, relieves foot fatigue, and allows you to stand durable while standing. Effective antibacterial and deodorizing.
¡ñNBS wear-resistant process technology has high molecular density, strong toughness, good wear resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance and other characteristics. The wear resistance coefficient exceeds NBS250, and the average life of shoes is doubled.
¡ñSTICO ranks first in sales in South Korea and has passed the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Administration (KOSHA-MS) anti-skid test level one certification.
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