GL Baker Solutions Sdn Bhd
15, Jalan Impian Emas 5,
Taman Impian Emas,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

KL Office
7, Jalan TK 5/39,
Kinrara Industrial Park,
13KM, Jalan Puchong,
47190 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Comfort Shoes (NEC-03)

Toe-Cap Comfort Shoes (NEC-10)

Comfort Shoes (NEC-06)

SEB-06 Non-slip CHELSEA Ankle Working Boots/Rain Boots

Hand blender XM-32

Hand blender XM-31

Hand Blender XM-22

Immersion Circulator SmartVide 7

Electric Convection Oven XF023

Electric Convection Oven XF043

Electric Convection Oven XFT133

Electric Convection Oven XFT185

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-1011-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0711-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0511-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0311-E1R

Commercial Teflon Coating Waffle Baker Machine WB-2H

Mini Waffle Maker SSKMWB

Ice Cream Cone Maker SSKCWB

Hotdog Waffle Machine SSKHWB



DSA 310 420 Touch and Go


Commercial 2 Deck Electrical Pizza Oven


Commercial Microwave Oven HM-910

Commercial Microwave Oven HM-1001


Sunware Soup Warmer

Sunware Rice Warmer


Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine

Chocolate Fountain Machine


Wilsan Gas Premium BBQ Gril

Charcoal BBQ Grill DF104

Infrared BBQ Griller SL103

Infrared BBQ Griller 6 Burner

Two Hold Burner Stove

Two Hold Burner Stove


12L Gold Ice Bucket Champagne Vertical with Rack


Navy Chef Short Sleeve Uniform SS19-7

Black Chef Short Sleeve Uniform SS19-7


Kinox Coffee Decanter

Coffee Brewer 3304DC

Coffee Machine 3304RX

Kinox Coffee Warmer 3303T

Cold Drink Dispensers (FLO12-2 MIX)

Cold Drink Dispensers (FLO12-1 MIX)


4 Slot Toaster ETS-4

6 Slot Toaster ETS-6

Electric Conveyor Toaster


Roller Grill Single Electric Crepe Machine CSE-350


Fryer Double TEF-8L-2

Fryer Single TEF-8L

Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-30LE With Stand

Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-8LEW

Drink Mixer BB-900


Commercial Stainless Steel Egg Boiler Machine Half Boiled Egg


Electric Warm Juice 6 Box BK-6

Electric Warm Juice 3 Box BK-3

A griddle is a cooking device consisting of a broad flat surface heated by gas, electricity, wood, or coal, with both residential and commercial applications. In industrialized countries, a griddle is most commonly a flat metal plate, elsewhere typically a brick slab or tablet

Mini Electric Griddle Plate ZH-4810

Electric Griddle EG-822

Infrared Griddle Burner Stove

Stainless Steel Hot Plate Electric Griddles EG-822

Fully Stainless Steel Commercial Electric Ice Shaver Ice Crusher Sand Ice Machine Dual-blade Ice Kac


Food Grade 304 White Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Cold Beverage Dispenser with Thermometer for Coff


Libbey 5309 12 oz Mug - Handle

Libbey 5162 4.5 oz Sherbet Dish

Libbey 5110 12 oz Ice Cream Soda Glass

Libbey 48 Whiskey Shot Glass 2 oz/59 ml

Commercial Meat Slicer GC-275

Commercial Meat Slicer GC-250

Commercial Meat Slicer GC-220


Commerical Multi Juicer LI-240


Electric Pasta Cooker 6 Slots


34060 / Duo Onion Knife 19 cm

11153 / Pirge Bone Axe

71323 / Butcher¡¯s Salad Knife / 75 x 200 x 2mm

41156 / Venge Kitchen Knife / 22 x 130 x 2mm

Alum Pressure Cooker 36L

Pressure Cooker 50L


Comet Commercial Gas 3 Deck Rice Cooker CRA2-15ON

Rinnai Rice Cooker RR-55EX


Commercial Electric Salamander EB-450

Infrared Gas Salamander AM-6C

Infrared Gas Salamander AM-3F


SAN NENG Stainless Steel Spatula SN4061

SAN NENG Small Waves Mould Al.Alloy SN6221

SAN NENG Decorating Plastic Knife Handle SN4852

SAN NENG White Round Display Tray SN4331

Sous Vide SJ-S012

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens Eka branded for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops. Professionals around the world rely on our products and on the basis of the key principles of our corporate philosophy: we satisfy our customers with reliable products characterized by quality, efficiency, technical progress, ease of use and optimal performance. Our goal is to continuously improve, by simplifying the work of those who use our equipment.

EKA TECNOEKA Italy Electric Combi Oven With Touch Screen 7 Trays 1/1 GN

EKA TECNOEKA Italy Electric Combi Oven With Black Mask 5 Tray 1/1 GN

EKA TECNOEKA Italy Electric Combi Oven With Touch Screen 5 Trays 1/1 GN MKF 511 TS MKF511TS

EKA TECNOEKA Italy Electric Convection Oven With Grill And Indirect Steam EKF 464.3 N GRILL

Electric Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 8L KW-8S

Electric Water Dispenser 20L/30L KW-20S/30S

Electric Water Boiler 20L/30L/40L

Auto Refill Electric Water Boiler 30L

Commercial Manual Citrus Press Orange Lemon Squeezer Manual Fruit Juicer Homes for Bars Coffee Shops

TASIN Taiwan Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer Machine 3/4HP

5.5lt Ultimate Special Silicone Hanging Sauce Dispenser System

Multifunctional Baby Kids Dining Chair Commercial Baby Hotel Restaurant Cafe Baby Chairs Removeable

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