GL Baker Solutions Sdn Bhd
15, Jalan Impian Emas 5,
Taman Impian Emas,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

KL Office
7, Jalan TK 5/39,
Kinrara Industrial Park,
13KM, Jalan Puchong,
47190 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Comfort Shoes (NEC-03)

Toe-Cap Comfort Shoes (NEC-05)

Comfort Shoes (NEC-06)

Unisex White Cuff Boots WBM-22(W)

Sammic Sous Vide Cooker SmartVide8 Plus

Sammic Sous Vide Cooker Smartvide 8

Sammic Sous Vide Cooker SmartVide 6

Sammic Sous Vide Cooker SmartVide 4

Electric Convection Oven XF023

Electric Convection Oven XF043

Electric Convection Oven XFT135

Electric Convection Oven XFT133

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-1011-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0711-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0511-E1R

Unox Mind Maps Combi Oven XEVC-0311-E1R

Commercial Teflon Coating Waffle Baker Machine WB-2H

Sunflower Waffle Baker SSKHWB-F

Single Square Waffle Machine SSKUWB-S

Single Round Waffle Machine SSKUWB



DSA 310 420 Touch and Go


Commercial 2 Deck Electrical Pizza Oven


Commercial Microwave Oven HM-910

Commercial Microwave Oven HM-1001


Sunware Soup Warmer

Sunware Rice Warmer


Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine

Chocolate Fountain Machine


Wilsan Gas Premium BBQ Gril

Charcoal BBQ Grill DF104

Infrared BBQ Griller SL103

Infrared BBQ Griller 6 Burner

Two Hold Burner Stove

Two Hold Burner Stove


Kinox Coffee Decanter

Coffee Brewer 3304DC

Coffee Machine 3304RX

Kinox Coffee Warmer 3303T

Cold Drink Dispensers (FLO12-2 MIX)

Cold Drink Dispensers (FLO12-1 MIX)


4 Slot Toaster ETS-4

6 Slot Toaster ETS-6

Electric Conveyor Toaster


Roller Grill Single Electric Crepe Machine CSE-350


Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-30LE With Stand

Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-8LEW

Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-8LE

Commercial Electric Deep Fryer BDH-17LE

Drink Mixer BB-900


Eka Convection Oven EKF464

Eka Convection Oven EKF423

Eka Convection Oven EKF423 M

A griddle is a cooking device consisting of a broad flat surface heated by gas, electricity, wood, or coal, with both residential and commercial applications. In industrialized countries, a griddle is most commonly a flat metal plate, elsewhere typically a brick slab or tablet

Infrared Griddle Burner Stove

Stainless Steel Hot Plate Electric Griddles EG-822

Electric Grills DEG3000


Taiwan Commercial Ice Shaver Machine


Commercial Meat Slicer GC-275

Commercial Meat Slicer GC-250

Commercial Meat Slicer GC-220


Commerical Multi Juicer LI-240


Electric Pasta Cooker 6 Slots


71061 / Fish Knife / 40 x 300 x 2 mm

34615 / Cleaver / 75 x 220 x 3 mm

38331 / Ham Slicer / 30 x 350 x 2 mm

38312 / Carving Knife / 30 x 180 x 2 mm

Comet Commercial Gas 3 Deck Rice Cooker CRA2-15ON

Rinnai Rice Cooker RR-55EX


Commercial Electric Salamander EB-450

Infrared Gas Salamander AM-6C

Infrared Gas Salamander AM-3F


OVO Soft Boiled Egg Machine


Electric Water Boiler 20L/30L/40L

Auto Refill Electric Water Boiler 30L

Auto Refill Electric Water Boiler 60L


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